Mobile Ordering

Bring Your Own Device. No App Needed. Wechat / Alipay supported
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Orders from In-store Kiosk Machine
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CRM & Custom Solution

Customize your way to interact with customer, delivering the best user experience
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Join the Smart Restaurant Revolution

With Our Self-Ordering Systems

Our technology enables restaurants to interact effectively with their customers. At their core, self-ordering systems are a service that lets their patrons and customer make interaction more meaningful, convenient, and profitable.

There is a revolution happening in the next generation of "Smart Restaurants" as technology becomes further entwined with the lives of consumers. We are leading this revolution, equipped with self-ordering apps which boast data-driven menu engineering capabilities, powerful up-selling potential and data-driven smart cross-selling across different types of devices.

Market leaders in the food industry are rapidly adopting self-ordering software for quick service. In Singapore, Hong Kong and beyond, we are helping these market leaders do more than streamline their services: Our technology enables them to understand their customers on a whole new level.

With the data gathered by our technologically enhanced platform, businesses gain valuable insights into how customers really behave. This knowledge allows them to make better business decisions, improve their marketing strategy, and enhance customer loyalty.

Increase Order Size

Our upselling engine upsells the right products, to the right people, at the right time. On average, check amounts are at least 15% higher with our solution.

Reduce Labor Cost

Our Omni-channel Ordering solution helps you take orders without the expense of hiring cashiers. Some of our customers hire no cashiers at all.

More than mobile orders

Order data is stored and processed in our central hub, which turns a history of orders into a bright future for your restaurant.

Uplift Your Brand

Associate your brand with innovation and trendiness by implementing a customer-focused experience.

Success Case -

Burger King

Success Case -

Genki Sushi

Omni-channel Ordering Solution

a complete ordering solution fitted for fast food, dine-in, takeaway, pre-order


Orders from In-store Kiosk Machine

Mobile Web App / BYOD

Bring Your Own Device. No App Needed. Wechat / Alipay supported

Merchant Native App

Custom App connected to In-house CRM


One Hub, All Orders


Our solution is adaptive under a vast scope of situations. We have helped our partner restaurants to greatly improve customer experience. We make their operations more efficient, and seamlessly drive business growth and profitability.
self order kiosk

QSR & Casual Dining

Accept orders from any channels including Smartphone, Web, and Kiosk. All while managing orders through a central platform
self order kiosk


Maximize your peak-hours traffic without hiring additional cashiers, while providing a brand new customer experience
self order kiosk

Food Court

By using Kiosk or Mobile Ordering customers are able to make order without waiting for long queue

Supported Payments

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Over 500 Happy Clients in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and China

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Use Cases

August 21, 2018

Burger King's New App


Burger King App – Cover Image Whether you’re a student or an office worker, we can all agree that lunch time is precious and more importantly, limited. So it makes sense that we’d rather spend more time eating than queuing. Thankfull...

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