Our Solution Helps
Restaurants Run Faster, Smarter

Streamline Your Operations

With our Integrated Solutions

Canteens thrive with efficient operations. Our self-ordering kiosks have boosted operational capacities across Singapore, Hong Kong and beyond. The days of waiting in a long queue are over for patrons of these canteens, thanks to our pre-ordering software. Do more than run faster: Run smarter with integrated solutions from Aigens.

Our food pre-ordering apps and kiosks are an ideal application within a vast scope of industries. From banks in Singapore, to hospitals, Hong Kong universities and office canteens, our solutions are key to providing convenient service. Canteens are designed for efficiency at their core, and with us you can lift your operation’s efficiency to all new heights.

Pre-Ordering Kiosk

At Aigens, we’re accelerating food industry operations one kiosk at a time. For canteens in Singapore and many countries around the world, self-ordering kiosks provide a dynamic answer to common problems within the industry. Your front-end staff will breathe easier, customers will be delighted with reduced waiting times, and business owners will appreciate the money saved in the long-term. Everyone wins with Aigens technology in place.

Pre-Ordering App

Our specialized apps give food and beverage enterprise a whole new way of reaching their customers outside the restaurant. Even for canteens that exclusively offer in-house services, a pre-ordering app can be the perfect way to enhance customer experiences. Popular in Singapore, these apps allow customers to place and pay for their order on a mobile device, for pickup or delivery.

If you have any questions about how our technology can improve your operations, feel free to get in contact. We have regional offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Guangdong province with local representatives happy to answer your queries. You can call up the closest office to your location or fill in an online enquiry form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Reduce Manpower

Reduce front-end labor costs by 30% to 50%

Speed Up

Speed up table turnover reducing customer waiting time

Improve Branding

Streamline operations and improve customer's overall dining experience

Suitable Canteen Types


Schools / Universities

Universities we’re serving:
Hong Kong University, Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University, Canadian International and more


Hospitals we’re serving: Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital and more


Banks we’re serving:
Citibank, Bank of China, China Construction Bank and more

Office Canteens

Offices we’re serving:
HAECO, China Life,Maxim’s Group and more

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Self Order Kiosk

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Smartphone Ordering

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CRM & Loyalty Program

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